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Bunk-Beds Are an Expression of Love

Location: Mexico
Camera info: Canon Rebel 350D • lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 400 • f 3.5 • 1/30 sec

Ever get involved in a project, and it takes on a life of its own? We went to Mexico to build an orphanage, and three buildings should have been enough work for one week! Then we learned the kids were so cramped for space in their current place, they had to share beds. Before we left, we raised extra donations from the folks at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, and we used the money to buy extra lumber, tools, and mattresses. One of our more experienced construction workers made a wood template with the different board lengths we needed, and then the group got to work! In an assembly-line fashion, we cut a bunch of boards and pieced together frames for eight bunk beds. Only six could fit in the house, so we left the partially-assembled frames for the other two in the largest building for them to put wherever they wanted.

This alone wasn’t enough, though. The folks at MPCC also donated sheets & pillows, comforters, and even a bunch of plush animals and toys! So each bed was decorated with a different theme. Pictured above is the Cars bed. Others featured frogs, soccer, monkeys, even a snow-theme! Our group bought plastic bins that fit under the beds as well, so the kids could have a “toy box” to keep their things. They were very excited about that, as they had always had to share everything. Now they could each have a toy of their own! We put the plush animals on the beds and scattered action figures, toy cars, and other items around the room.

I’m on a kick with these multi-photo posts! But I couldn’t pass this one up. One of the ladies put a finishing touch on the beds – lifesaver candies on each pillow! Now that’s a way to make a kid smile!

We weren’t expecting to get so into this project, but it was so much fun!

What project have you started that got bigger or better than you expected?

Inspire Me

Location: Indonesia
Camera info: Fuji Finepix A303 / Automatic Point & Shoot
ISO 100 • f 7 • 1/350 sec

Inspiration comes in many forms. We can be stirred up by a piece of music or the beauty of nature. It can come from stories of others. A picture like the one above could be found on one of those black motivational posters with a clever caption like “FLIGHT: If you’re crazy enough to attempt it, don’t forget your parachute.” Ok, maybe not. :/ But some of my best inspirations have come from other people.

First, there are stories of overcoming. My aunt Sally is one. She has had cancer four times in the past five years, yet still keeps a positive attitude. Each treatment she faces, she claims will make her cancer cells “scream and run for cover.” 🙂 There’s also stories like “Chase No Face,” a cat who lost her entire face in an accident, but still lives a normal, happy life and has thousands of Facebook fans (Warning to squeamish people: photos on her page are graphic).

There are stories of persistance & accomplishment. My boyfriend Andy was one of the first two people to complete three races in one 24-hour period at the Air Force Marathon 2011, and a friend of his won a race blind. My uncle Doug and aunt Sue were another example. They dated in high school, then were apart for 35 years. Doug never gave up looking for her, and they met again and got married in their 50’s.

Some of my favorites are stories of love and friendship. This past weekend, our pastor, Chris, found out he had cancer in this throat. He asked for prayer from everyone in the church, and I got to see the entire choir surround him for a spontaneous prayer session, and many online friends change their Facebook profile picture for him. Then of course, there’s Jesus. His love for people motivated him to sacrifice his own life to save them, and it wasn’t an pretty death, either! (read more here)

Inspiration can come in many forms, but the stories are what make it personal.

Who inspires you? Why?