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When Life’s Journey Leaves Us Disappointed

Location: India
Camera info: Canon Rebel 350D • lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 1600 • f 4 • 1/100 sec

Don’t we look like FUN?!? 😀 The group of teenagers I traveled with one year took part in a street drama called “The Journey.” It told the story of a man searching for meaning in his life, and the different people he meets along the way.

This group of girls were the partiers. We drank a lot (ok, only pretended to), danced around with ribbon dancers, and generally made a lot of noise. It was fun… for a while. But eventually the partying took it’s toll. Those who had been drinking a lot got sick. Others got dizzy and tripped up our conga line. A fight broke out over the bottle of “booze.” Our party became a mess.

So the man moved on.

Even though we were just acting, I could relate to these girls. There have been many times I thought something looked like fun that turned out to be greatly disappointing. While I wasn’t much of a “party hard” type when I was younger, I chased after academic success, relationships, fame (part of me still wishes I could sing), financial stability, and other things that weren’t inherantly bad, but didn’t completely satisfy me, either.

I won’t give away the ending of the drama, you’ll have to watch it for yourself. But I eventually came to the same place as the man in his journey, and I found something worth putting all my effort into pursuing. And no, it wasn’t my degree in chemistry. 😉

What have you found that satisfies you and doesn’t leave regrets or disappointment?

FAILing With Style

Location: India
Camera Info: Canon Rebel 350D • lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 1600 • f 20 • 1/80 sec

Ever want to try something crazy, just because you can? A friend of mine decided to have some fun while walking around a rural area of India. There was a random pole in the ground, and we still never knew what it was for. But looked like fun! The guy was quite an acrobat.

Ever want to try something crazy, and it goes terribly wrong? The rest of our group had looked away for a moment, when we heard my friend call for help.  Apparently, he had missed when trying to get off the pole.

I bet it made quite a fond memory, having a bunch of teens try to help him get a pole out of his pants. At least next time we had a group sing-along, we had an extra soprano!

So what has been your biggest FAIL when you were trying to look good?

A Facepalm-Worthy Moment

Location: India
Camera info: Canon Rebel 350D • lens 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 400 • f 25 • 1/200 sec

Every once in a while, I see situations that totally FAIL. This week was one of those (and one reason why this post is a day late). The other night, I got a Skype message from a friend of mine. He had been catching up with some old friends from high school he hadn’t seen in years. In discussing our mutual friends and how they were doing, one girl’s name came up. My friend was told she had died a couple years back due to complications in childbirth.

None of us had heard from her for years, so we struggled with the guilt of why we hadn’t kept in touch. I searched the obituary archives online to try and find details, but I didn’t know her married name or what town she had moved to last. Like the people in this week’s photo, I just wanted to get away from everything and think.

I updated my Facebook status to reflect my mood, which of course attracted other old schoolmates who wanted information. One claimed she still knew an extended family member, so she would try to follow up. Within a few hours, she wrote me back: The person who told you this was misinformed… or lying. She’s not dead. What??? Sure enough, my supposedly-deceased friend added me on Facebook within hours. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Sometimes, the FAIL is so bad, it just makes you facepalm. A time like this – just like the Taylor student mixup – requires even more.

What moments of FAIL have you found yourself in? Did you laugh or just groan in disbelief?