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2012: The Greatest Hits


Location: USA
Camera info: Canon Rebel 350D • lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
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Happy New Year (six days ago)! If you were around last year, you may remember I did a year-end review post so that you could relive the awesomeness of posts from 2011. Well, it’s that time again! May I present to you… 2012’s Greatest Hits Countdown!

10. First, everyone here wants to take good pictures, right? That’s why Composition 1 came in at 10th place. Free education for all!

9. Next, let’s travel to Asia. India’s Division of Labor gave us some cultural lessons from the subcontinent.

8. The sad & sobering news stories strike again, but this time with a glimmer of hope in Forgiveness in Colorado. This post also took the top spot for most comments of the year (even if the majority was from the same person) 😉

7. Travel reviews are an intricate part of this blog. Fly Sky High in the Eye is for those looking for fun stuff to do in London, England.

6. Lists make everything seem so organized, even when they make you cringe in embarrassment. At #6, we have Top Tourist Mistakes! (Don’t try these away from home)

5. For all the photo enthusiasts, some practical help was needed. Composition 2 was the top pick of the photography lessons provided this year.

4. Let’s bring on the funny! Many got a kick out of the 15 Funny Road Signs From Around the World, even if we still didn’t understand all of them.

3. It seems people were attracted to the big news stories this year. After only a month on the blog, A Poem for the Children rose to #3 on the charts.

2. Next is a topic that is near to my heart, but again tough to discuss with people. That’s why I called it The Thing No One Wants to Talk About.

1. Last but best of all. This post is on a serious note, but one that illustrates the value of small things done in love. This year’s top post is A Moment in Time.

Bonus Track: Surprise! Surprise! Apparently, people were really interested in my personal life. 😉 This post made honorable mention at #11.

Did your favorite post not make it on the list? Give it some love and tell us why you like it in the comments!


Musical Mistakes in Poland

Location: Poland
Camera info: Canon Rebel 350D • lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 800 • f 5.6 • 1/15 sec

Now, on a lighter note… 😉

Everybody has good and bad days, even professionals. Sometimes the results are just plain hilarious. On our band trip to Poland, we got the opportunity to visit a preschool in between concerts. The kids didn’t really know much about our team, except that we were from America. But they were proud of their preschool and wanted to show off their mad skillz as well. All the classes combined into one room, and the kids performed a song they had learned a few weeks prior, complete with hand motions (well, some hand motions. The rest were random kids spazzing, dancing, jumping around, picking their nose or their friends’ hair, and doing whatever else little kids do).

Next, it was our turn. Since we were just there for a visit, the band did not bring their instruments, so we were left doing things completely a capella. Not usually a problem, but the song selections we had been singing were pretty dependent on having a rockin’ musical backdrop. We did have one song that included hand motions, so we decided to do that one for the kids. Half the team clapped to keep the beat, and the rest of us taught the kids our dance. They loved it.

Then, one of the volunteers wanted to hear a “serious” song since they would be missing our concert later that night. Our band leader selected one that was in a similar key & tempo to the first, but no motions and good lyrics. Sure thing! We started the song, and even the kids continued to dance around for the first verse. We continued on to the chorus, and all of a sudden our director had a panicked look on his face. We had accidentally switched back to the chorus of the first song! :O We kept singing, and the director fed us the lines for the second verse so we could get back to the correct song and finish. At least the two flowed together well! Hopefully no one would notice, right?  NOT!  This became known around the trip as “The Preschool Medley.”

Has something ever gone hilariously wrong at a concert you’ve attended?