Beautiful, Interesting and Ooo Shiny! Images From Various Places

Surprise! Surprise!

Location: USA
Camera Info:  Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS • Automatic Point & Shoot
ISO 100 • f 2.7 • 1/50 sec

It’s a special week and here at the Shine4Him Photo blog, I’m always up for an excuse to party! Take a wild guess who’s ring this is.

Guessed yet?

Ok, it’s mine!  That’s right, this world-hopping photography freak is now engaged!!! Andy is just as much of a travel addict as I am, so the adventures will continue I’m sure. And while he’s not a photography freak, he’s got his own freak-ness (is that a word? It is now!) that always keeps things fun. So this week I’ll treat to to our engagement story, and next week we’ll hop back on our mental airplanes and go explore the world some more.

Andy and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) to see an exhibit I had been wanting to go to. It was Community Day, so they also had lots of fun activities, including an art scavenger hunt. We completed the program and went back to the front desk, and the lady there handed me another page, claiming they had one more new exhibit that didn’t make it in the booklet. She said once we finished, we could turn it in for a prize. (All this was scripted, I found out later.) We went up to the last piece of art, and when I was looking around it, Andy pointed out a piece of paper that “someone” had left behind. He handed it to me to read. It was a love poem that he had written. When I finished reading and looked up, he was already down on one knee. I was so surprised I just cried and couldn’t talk at first. But all the volunteers & security were there watching, because they were all in on it! 😀

What’s the best marriage advice you’ve ever been given? Let’s hear it! 

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