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The King’s Magical Water Pot

Location: Indonesia
Camera info: Fuji Finepix A303 / Automatic Point & Shoot
ISO 100  f 2.8  1/300 sec

No matter what country or culture you’re from, people love to spook each other with ghost stories. There must be some common part of humanity that gets a thrill out of being scared, especially when you know something really can’t hurt you.

Things were no different in Indonesia. Our tour group spent one evening with the village elders, listening to them tell tales of their island’s history and legends. One in particular we found fascinating. Apparently, the islands used to be part of a small kingdom, and the king’s family once lived on another island very close to ours. Their graveyard was still there, guarded by a distant relative of the king. In the graveyard was a clay pot. The elders told us that the pot had magical powers, likely because of the location. It was said to always contain some water, even in times of drought, and would never overflow, even during the rainy season. They also claimed that photographs taken of the pot would not turn out. Hmmm… challenge accepted.

Later during our trip, we were able to visit that island. It was just as they said – a decorated graveyard on the property of a single farmer. The graves were covered with yellow plastic (the royal color in that area), and a full canopy covered the king’s plot. The man knew we were coming to visit, so he showed us around.  The only thing that bothered us was his goat, which decided to casually walk up and headbutt every single one of us. :/ We found the legendary pot easily – it was big enough for one of the kids to hide in! Yes, it did have a few inches of water in it. Of course, I made an attempt to take a picture. Ok, so not all of the stories were accurate. However, it was still interesting to see the site of the island legends.

Have you ever visited the site of an urban legend or a supposed haunted house? What happened?

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