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Animal Pranksters

Location: India
Camera info: Fuji Finepix A303 / Automatic Point & Shoot
(No EXIF data available)

Have you ever had a prank pulled on you – by an animal? A friend of mine did!

On a trip to India several years ago, our group was touring a suburban area and stumbled across a large group of monkeys. Now, we were warned ahead of time that Indian monkeys are mean. However, we saw several “monkey trainers” around that day, who seemed to get along well with the somewhat cute Rhesus macaques. They would dress them up and have them perform tricks for handouts from willing tourists. Some cities in India have had trouble with monkey gangs, but they seemed pretty friendly where we were.

We continued walking and found some steps to sit on for a rest, and my friend set her favorite water bottle at her feet. We were in mid-sentence when a teenage monkey suddenly ran up to us and snatched the water bottle! Before either of us could react, it scaled the side of the building and climbed on the roof. As it turned around to look over the ledge, it held the bottle up and waved it back and forth as if mocking us. 😕 I could almost imaging it chuckling as it wrestled the cap off and took a drink. Touché, monkey dude. Touché.

Do you have any fun animal stories to tell? Have you ever been “had” by a furry critter? Let’s hear the tale of embarrassment!

2 responses

  1. Andrew Chandler

    That’s not a prank… that’s theft. 😀

    April 2, 2011 at 4:45 pm

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