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Even Strange Dreams Can Come True

Location: Indonesia
Camera info: Fuji Finepix A303 / Automatic Point & Shoot
ISO 100 • f 2.8 • 1/340 sec

Fitri lived on an island that was a 10-minute walk from shore to shore. She only knew her family and the small Muslim community that had raised her, but she desired to go to the mainland and attend college. Fitri was already learning English when our tour group arrived, so she helped translate for us. Her mother had never left the island, but for years had watched the rest of the world via satellite TV. If you’ve turned on the tube lately, you may know that our TV programs don’t exactly represent Americans well. When we arrived at the island, another local expressed surprise that we did not show up in bikinis. 😯 Right…

We were invited to Fitri’s home to meet her mother, and we spent a while on the porch drinking tea and strumming a guitar. Then her mother gave us a tour of the small home. Like many island houses, it was located over the ocean on the end of a rickety boardwalk. Some of the locals could not afford glass for their windows, but almost all of them had satellite dishes — their only connection to the outside world. When we were getting ready to leave, Fitri’s mother told us that her dream had come true.

“I’ve always dreamed of having white people come to my home.”

Wow… thanks, I think.

It’s amazing what a simple visit might mean to someone. Who knew that our stop-over for tea was this woman’s life-long dream? It’s neat to make a difference in someone’s life, even if their dreams are a bit… interesting. 😉

What’s your strangest dream? Has it ever come true? Or have you, like us, become the answer to someone else’s dream?

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